AI Helpdesk

Revolutionize your customer experience with the advanced AI Helpdesk.

    • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate AI Helpdesk into existing online portals and IT infrastructures.

    • Natural Language Interaction: Communicate effortlessly with the software through AI chat using natural language.

    • AI-Powered Content Management: Streamline content onboarding and management with AI, aggregating data from diverse sources.

    • Intelligent Article Ranking: Enhance user experience with smart “radioactive” article ranking based on user behavior.

Provide a personalized and efficient online helpdesk solution that relieves your customer service and offers outstanding customer experiences 24/7.

Ensure an outstanding customer experience with the AI Helpdesk. Boost your company’s performance with our groundbreaking AI Helpdesk. Explore the benefits of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and let us elevate your customer support to a whole new level.

24/7 Availability

Our AI Helpdesk solution is ready for action 24/7. Your customers can rely on our dependable support, whether it’s day or night. We are always here to address their concerns and provide them with a first-class customer experience.

Cost Efficiency Like Never Before

By deploying our AI chatbots, you significantly reduce your personnel costs. Our intelligent technology handles a large portion of customer interactions, allowing you to use resources more efficiently. Save money while simultaneously enhancing the quality of your customer support.

Efficiency in Record Time

Our intelligent AI chatbot processes customer inquiries at lightning speed and provide instant answers. No more long waiting times! Your customers will be delighted with the quick problem resolution and smooth service.

Scalability without Limits

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Data-driven Insights

Harness the power of data! Our AI Helpdesk analyzes customer data to gain valuable insights. Identify trends, understand customer preferences, and optimize your product or service based on informed insights. Let your data work for you and boost your success.

Tailored Service

Our AI Helpdesk provides personalized support for each customer. By analyzing customer preferences and behavior, we offer individual solutions that exceed their expectations. Delight your customers with a tailored service that keeps them coming back to you again and again.

Embrace the Future with zehnplus

In a world where digital solutions must be user-friendly and secure, zehnplus stands as your beacon of innovation. Our services are tailored to meet the evolving expectations of your customers, ensuring you not only keep pace with the digital age but lead the way. Join us in shaping a future where AI transforms the way you communicate, make decisions, and cultivate success. zehnplus is more than a provider; we are your ally in the journey towards AI excellence. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this transformative adventure together.

AI-Powered Writing Enhancement

Craft brilliance with our AI Editor

where errors vanish, style blossoms and writing becomes extraordinary
  • AI Editor:
    AI-driven perfection in writing. Our revolutionary editor corrects errors, provides style suggestions, and inspires great writing.
  • Speech to Text:
    Eliminate misunderstandings that can occur during an oral conversation. This can help customer service representatives accurately understand the customer's request and provide an appropriate response.

Analytics and Reporting

Illuminate success with our Analytics Dashboard

keeping you informed, no matter where your content goes
  • Report and Analysis Dashboard:
    Track content views and statistics for integrated content remotely.

Workflow Optimization and Control

Efficiency meets empowerment as our Workflow Engine automates, collaborates and puts you in command
  • User Permissions and Roles:
    Optimize your productivity with our workflow engine. Automate processes, collaborate seamlessly, and maintain full control with flexible user roles. You retain full control.
  • Group-Based Information Access:
    With our group-based permission management, you can grant specific access rights to different user groups. Ensure customized content and enable effective collaboration in a secure environment.

Intelligent File Management

Enhance your organization's accessibility and efficiency in handling digital assets.
  • Single Source of Truth:
    Create a centralized file repository to guarantee that all users access the latest and accurate versions, mitigating the risk of conflicting duplicates within the organization.
  • Automated Organization:
    Categorize and organize files based on content, type and relevance, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of misplacement.
  • Version Control:
    Ensure accuracy and collaboration by maintaining version histories, allowing users to track changes and revert to previous states.

Multilingual Content Creation

Break language barriers effortlessly

our tool opens new horizons, connecting you with a global audience
  • Multilingualism:
    Effortlessly create multilingual content. Reach a broader audience and open new horizons with our multilingual writing tool.

Advanced Ranking and Recommendation

Unleash intelligent rankings with our "Radioactive" Ranking, optimizing results through AI-driven brilliance
  • "Radioactive" Ranking:
    Take rankings to the next level with our AI-driven, "radioactive" dynamic ranking. Unleash the power of intelligent recommendations and optimize your results.
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