Knowledge is the key to success.

Wisdom AI Knowledge Management

Use your knowledge effectively and share it with customers, partners and employees. Foster a culture of sharing and collaboration to expand everyone’s knowledge.

    • Centralized Knowledge Hub: Wisdom serves as a centralized hub, providing easy access to the collective knowledge of your entire company.

    • AI-Powered Digitalization: Leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to digitalize the knowledge held by every employee, creating a comprehensive and easily accessible digital repository.

    • Aggregated Knowledge Sources: Utilize AI to aggregate information from diverse sources, streamlining data comprehension and ensuring a unified knowledge base.

    • AI-Driven Content Creation: Empower your organization with AI-generated content, enhancing the relevance and dynamism of your knowledge resources.

A knowledge management tool is the key to unlocking your company's most valuable treasure - knowledge.

Our platform allows you to leverage the collective knowledge of your employees and turn it into structured, easily accessible databases. Regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate, our knowledge management tool offers numerous advantages:

Efficient Knowledge Organization

Intuitively structure information and documents to speed up search and access. With our tool, you’ll find exactly what you need in seconds.

Fast Knowledge Transfer

Share insights and best practices seamlessly across the enterprise. Prevent knowledge loss through employee turnover and foster a culture of shared learning.

Increase Productivity

With a centralized knowledge hub, your teams can collaborate more effectively, avoid duplication of effort, and arrive at informed decisions faster.

Innovation Promotion

Creative ideas can now be captured and developed more easily. This promotes innovation and enables your company to respond more quickly to changes and opportunities.

Compliance and Security

Manage sensitive information securely and ensure compliance. Our tool provides data protection features and enables control over access to sensitive data.


Our tool offers a myriad of features to enhance the way you organize, share and leverage information. From efficient knowledge organization with AI-driven capabilities to seamless collaboration through a social intranet, we provide a comprehensive solution.

Knowledge Organization and Accessibility

Effortlessly organize and access critical knowledge with AI
  • Quick retrieval and productivity
  • Compliance with secure collaboration tools
  • Centralized media platform
  • AI-driven content analysis
  • AI and non-AI features for a unified hub

Content Creation and Management

Intuitive content creation and robust management with AI

  • AI editor for writing perfection
  • Personalized content tracking
  • Multilingual content
  • Simplify document management
  • Centralized media and file systems
  • Personalized user experience
  • Detailed group information
  • Secure group-based access

Social Intranet

Fuel collaboration and communication seamlessly
  • Internal social hub for employees
  • User permissions and roles
  • Individual adjustments
  • Multilingualism
  • Various interactive options including commenting, liking and private messaging
  • Group-based information access

Customer Support and Interaction

Revolutionize customer support with AI-driven solutions
  • Interactive chatbot
  • Quick and personalized responses around the clock
  • Scalability, cost savings and improved customer satisfaction
  • Limitless availability
  • Relieved customer support teams
  • Personalized approach for exceptional customer interactions
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