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Find the right solutions for your business.

Internal and External Solutions, Tailored to Your Needs

ENSO AI offers two distinct packages, ENSO AI SmartAssist and ExAssist, catering to both internal and external communication requirements.

SmartAssist for Internal Use:
Enhance productivity and streamline collaboration within your organization with our internal use packages. Whether you're coordinating projects, sharing knowledge or brainstorming ideas, your employees personal AI assistant is there for support every step of the way. ENSO AI SmartAssist streamlines communication and decision-making, allowing your team to focus on what matters most - driving innovation and achieving success.

ExAssist for External Use:
Deliver exceptional customer experiences with our external use package. Engage with your customers in real-time, provide instant support and leverage AI-driven insights to personalize interactions. With ENSO AI ExAssist, you can build lasting relationships and drive business growth through unparalleled customer engagement.

Choose the Right ENSO AI Solution for your Business Needs:

We offer flexible pricing options tailored to meet your needs. Please review the pricing tiers below to find the plan that best suits your requirements.

Note: All prices are listed per legal entity. Additional charges for LLM use and integration costs may apply.

ENSO AI SmartAssist

For Company Internal Use

7 Day Free Trial

Experience Excellence Risk-Free*
  • Up to 5 users
  • 5 document uploads per user per day
Try it now


Ignite Your Journey
CHF 999 Monthly
40.- per user

  • Up to 25 users


Building Blocks for Success
CHF 1595 Monthly
32.- per user
(saving 8.- per user)
  • Up to 50 users


Exclusivity Redefined
CHF 2795 Monthly
28.- per user
(saving 12.- per user)
  • Up to 100 users
Best Value


Mastery in Motion
CHF 4995 Monthly
25.- per user
(saving 15.- per user)
  • 100 - 200 users

ENSO Suite

Unleash Enterprise Excellence
Custom Pricing

  • Over 200 users
ENSO AI ExAssist

For Company External Use


Elevating Customer Experiences
CHF 1500 Monthly
Experience the power of our services and solutions
Custom AI Solutions Provider

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