Sunrise uses the WISDOM Knowledge Community Software

Sunrise selects zehnplus for a comprehensive SaaS knowledge solution, blending community features. With WISDOM software, it meets multilingual, SSO and customization needs, ensuring effective information dissemination for call centre teams.

Sunrise’s goal was to have software with the following features:

  • Access to all relevant information for call center employees in various teams (work instructions, product descriptions, guides, technical documentation, news, promotions, and more).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) with modern functionalities found in communities and social media, such as likes and shares.
  • Certain information should also be available group-specifically.
  • Quick and easy information dissemination to teams.

Sunrise had additional requirements:

  • Multilingualism
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and user management via Active Directory Interface (Microsoft Azure) with automatic group assignment
  • Various group types
  • Custom notifications in the system and via email
  • Content management workflows
  • Interface to the Beekeeper software
  • The ability to make many extensions and customizations
  • Different user groups and content/group administrator roles
  • Detailed reporting

Thanks to open source, many custom requirements could be met. The system can be further expanded and adapted to meet Sunrise’s needs.

From various providers, Sunrise chose zehnplus. zehnplus has been in the market for 14 years and is one of the leading providers of knowledge software. Over the past years, they have implemented many knowledge management projects based on WISDOM for larger organizations. Other clients for whom similar projects have been realized include:


Xing – Degiro – Federal Office of Public Health – Federal Social Insurance Office – Agrisano Insurance – Baloise Insurance – Health Promotion Switzerland


The WISDOM Knowledge Community Software from zehnplus was put into operation at the end of May 2022. Currently, additional functionalities are being implemented. They look forward to further collaboration with Sunrise.

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