Xing Business Network: Intelligent FAQ Software

XING's AI FAQ tool, powered by a custom algorithm, enhances user engagement with swift access to pertinent information. The user-friendly interface and intelligent scoring streamline career-related insights for global users.

The company and the challenge:

Career, networking, and insider knowledge—more than 12.7 million members worldwide consult XING every day for current career questions and business trends. Our challenge: to guide XING users to the fastest route to the sought-after and most relevant question/answer pair.

Successfully achieved goal:

XING Screenshot

Increased customer engagement and optimization of customer relationships
Based on a custom-developed AI algorithm, our FAQ tool dynamically lists the highest-rated question/answer pairs, thus guiding XING users worldwide to the desired information within seconds.

XING Screenshot

User-friendly interface for intuitive user guidance

Aligned with internationally proven design guidelines and maintained through a clear and minimalist UI design in a thoughtful color scheme, the user interface becomes more intuitive, effectively optimizing the user experience.

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AI-based FAQ search with intelligent scoring

Thanks to a tailored scoring system, our AI-based FAQ search quickly analyzes the timeliness, popularity, and relevance of FAQ articles, creating a dynamic ranking for each individual search query.

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