WISDOM AI Software for Agrisano

zehnplus' Wisdom AI Platform enhances Agrisano's knowledge management. Centralized, secure, and AI-driven, it streamlines processes, reduces costs, and boosts multilingual communication for efficient, adaptable operations.

Are you looking for a solution that simplifies work in your company, saves time for your employees, and increases efficiency? Do you want to centrally store your company’s internal knowledge but still separate it so that employees can only see and find topics that are relevant and allowed for them? Our Wisdom AI Knowledge Management Platform makes all of this possible. It has the necessary functionalities to solve various problems in your company, significantly improve your knowledge management, and increase the satisfaction of your employees.

About Agrisano

The Agrisano enterprises, consisting of three foundations of the Swiss Farmers’ Association and two AGs owned by the Agrisano Foundation, are dedicated to providing optimal insurance protection for farming families in Switzerland and offer tailor-made insurance solutions.

Why did they choose zehnplus as the provider?

zehnplus can convince with its high-quality standards as a provider. This is evident from the fact that the knowledge management platform is already in use at various larger Swiss organizations. With years of experience in knowledge management projects, zehnplus has been able to meet all requirements. The Wisdom AI Management is fundamentally based on open-source code, allowing for maximum customization to the customer’s specific needs.

Achieved Goals

  • Centralization and knowledge management by groups: As Agrisano is a large company with various departments, internal knowledge was previously distributed in different locations at the regional offices. With a shared central knowledge database, knowledge is now accessible to everyone but separated by departments, allowing individual groups to see only what is relevant to them.
  • Intelligent search mechanism: Content is linked so that employees can search within documents. Full-text search of content and files, along with content categorization, enables efficient searching. In the search, only what is allowed based on group membership can be seen.
  • Communication: Communication is facilitated by notifying employees through the system, eliminating mass emails.
  • Media management: Easy management of different media (images, videos, text) is facilitated through a media library.
  • Multilingualism: Content is available in multiple languages.
  • Security: Ensuring the security of the system is crucial. Since sensitive data is stored in the system, only authorized individuals have access. For unauthorized persons, including site managers, the content is untraceable. It’s important to note that only knowledge, not personal data of policyholders, is stored.

The benefits of the Wisdom AI Knowledge Management Platform

The Wisdom AI Knowledge Management Platform is an AI-driven software seamlessly integrated into Agrisano’s existing system. With this software, Agrisano’s employees can unleash their full potential as processes are standardized, costs are reduced, and information can be easily updated. This helps avoid outdated data and keeps the company up to date. Additionally, they can easily organize and manage their company’s internal knowledge. They also have quick and easy access to data since it’s centrally stored. This leads to streamlined work processes and faster information sharing. Centralized storage is also advantageous during employee transitions, as knowledge is not retained on personal devices.

“In the development of the Wisdom AI Knowledge Management Platform, we were able to incorporate our concerns and wishes and, in collaboration with zehnplus, create a tailored solution. zehnplus is always supportive for further adjustments and development requests.”

Benjamin Keller, Product and Sales Management, Agrisano Foundation.


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