Customer-Oriented Innovation:
AI Chats in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry, which has always been known as one of the most traditional and reserved sectors, is currently undergoing a groundbreaking transformation. This change is being driven largely by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). In this age of digital transformation and changing customer behavior, AI chats are redefining the way we buy, sell and manage real estate.

The dynamics in the real estate world have changed drastically. Customers expect fast and personalized services. The market itself has become more diverse, with increasingly complex requirements and expectations. In this new landscape, AI chats play a crucial role in leading the industry to the forefront of innovation.  

From accelerated communication and personalized recommendations to the automation of routine tasks and closer customer loyalty – the effects of AI chats in the real estate industry are diverse and far-reaching.

It’s time to rethink the established norms of the industry and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by AI chats. Companies that use these technologies skillfully can not only secure a competitive advantage, but also take customer satisfaction to a new level. Welcome to the future of the real estate industry, one that is driven by innovation and technology.


Faster communication and customer loyalty

An AI chat is able to significantly speed up communication between real estate agents and customers. Customers can ask questions, request information and arrange viewings around the clock. This constant accessibility not only creates stronger customer loyalty, but also enables estate agents to work more efficiently. This means that neither customers nor agents have to wait for a quick response.

One specific example is the option of conducting virtual property viewings. In the real estate sector, there are often customers who are unable to view properties in person due to time constraints or distance. However, this does not automatically rule them out as potential buyers. With the help of AI chats, customers can receive virtual tours of the property. These offer a 360-degree view and show both the advantages and possible disadvantages of the property. Customers are thus able to make better-informed decisions before arranging a viewing appointment.

Automation of routine tasks and personalized recommendations

Another advantage of AI chats lies in the automation of routine tasks. Chatbots can collect information about properties, answer frequently asked questions and schedule appointments. This allows estate agents to focus on more demanding tasks while the AI chat takes over the administrative tasks.

One example of this is the creation of customized real estate listings. Every customer has unique needs and preferences. An AI chat can ask customers specifically about their preferences in terms of location, property type, price and other relevant information. Based on this data, the chatbot creates a list of properties that match the customer’s requirements. This saves time when presenting properties and helps real estate agents to better qualify customers.

Real estate industryConvert customers into leads and arrange meetings

AI chat can help convert website visitors into qualified leads. When a user arrives at a real estate website, the chatbot can pop up and ask targeted questions. This makes it possible to determine the visitor’s intentions and present them with personalized information and offers.

An AI chat can also arrange meetings and viewings directly, saving time and offering customers a convenient way to make an appointment with a real estate agent. In addition, AI Chat can alert potential buyers to relevant offers and contact them via email or SMS.

Collect customer reviews and increase interaction

Customer reviews are of great importance to build trust and strengthen the credibility of a real estate company. AI chats can help collect customer reviews. This can be done during a chat interaction, which is easier for customers than filling out forms or talking to an agent.

To increase customer loyalty, AI chats can welcome visitors to websites and help them find relevant content and information. This reduces the bounce rate and encourages interaction between visitors and the website.

Offering financial support with AI chatsAI Chat

Buying or renting a property is an important financial decision. AI chats can help inform customers about available financing options without the need for a broker to intervene. Customers can calculate loan options and learn about seasonal or special offers. To ensure data confidentiality, sensitive information is securely forwarded to backend systems.


The integration of AI chats into the real estate industry is a promising step towards increasing efficiency and improving customer service. From accelerating communication and automating tasks to personalized recommendations and simplifying transactions, AI chats are shaping the future of the real estate industry in innovative ways. Companies that use these technologies wisely can benefit from a competitive advantage and increased customer loyalty.

Ready to shape the future of the real estate industry? Find out how AI chats can transform your business. Contact us today to learn more and optimize your real estate processes.

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